Why We’re Celebrating with Video

Posted by Meghana Hermes on August 13, 2019

Happy Birthday!

We’re celebrating at Gremlin Social this week! One year ago we acquired VidVerify, the industry's leading video communication platform for mortgage lenders.

Tradition dictates a gift of paper to celebrate a first anniversary, but that’s certainly not VidVerify’s style! VidVerify is all about video. In fact, the video messaging platform serves borrower education content for lenders and includes a massive library of compliant, concise, consumable videos.

So how could VidVerify help you? The service is used by most lenders to send consistent messaging to every borrower, on every loan, at each key milestone throughout the origination process -- ensuring that better educated borrowers come to the closing table, and fewer closing dates get pushed.

And as video fills social channel feeds, VidVerify provides engaging content that can also be embedded into corporate web pages and on individual loan officers’ pages.

So, as we celebrate this anniversary, we invite you to join us in skipping the paper and check out how VidVerify can support your marketing strategy. Click here to schedule a demo - be sure to mention VidVerify in the comments!


One Minute Intro

Want to learn more about one role video can play? Watch this 1 minute intro to VidVerify:

Watch Now

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