…Is the Public Listening? Part 2 of a study in social media politics

Posted by Clayton Smith on October 11, 2012

Last week we brought you a glimpse at how much of an impact our two major 2012 presidential candidates are having in the social space. Today, we’re diving into the second part of the social media politics equation and examining how the public is responding.

There’s no question that social media is playing a major part in the expression of public political opinion. The first presidential debate resulted in 10.3 million tweets. By comparison, Super Bowl XLVI resulted in just 5.5 million tweets, and those were measured not only during the game, but also over the course of the seven days leading up it.

In other words, the public is definitely speaking.

But speaking isn’t the same as listening. How important is social media in the actual spreading of political ideas? In order to determine how effective the candidates’ social media strategies really are, we need to find the answers to three questions:

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