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Posted by Corie Burley on November 27, 2017


You’ve no doubt come to understand the importance of adding monitoring to your growing list of social media tasks. This might feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! If you have the right tool, the information can be served up to you at your convenience. Enter Gremlin Social’s newest feature – Brand Guardian. Gremlin Social Brand Guardian provides keyword and mention tracking by monitoring the web and social media for mentions of your brand name, products, and keywords on sites including news, blogs, and social media. We’re here to help your bank to stay ahead of the game by knowing what’s being said about your brand and monitoring your competition. In this article we’ll discuss step by step how to get the most out of this exciting new tool.

Know what’s being said about your brand.

It is crucial to know what your customers are saying about you in order to respond in a way that fosters a positive perception of your brand. If a customer expresses an issue or has a complaint, you’ll be able to respond quickly and turn around the issue before it escalates.

How to do it:


1. Log in to your Brand Guardian account and click the “New Search” button on your dashboard


2. In the “New Search” pop up you’ll be prompted to give your search a name (Make this something descriptive that will help you to identify what you are searching for or the purpose of this particular search).

3. Next you’ll add your search keywords or phrases.



Not sure what to search for? Start with these basic searches:

  • Your company name
  • Names of your unique products and services
  • Your competitors' name

Remember to add quotation marks around specific phrases you want to search for. For example, if your name is Bank of America, you’ll want to search for “Bank of America” in order to not get results for mentions of the individual terms “Bank” and “America”. Brand Guardian also gives you the ability to narrow down your searches in order to reduce irrelevant results. Click "Refine Search"  to add more filters.  

4. Next you’ll select the source you want to monitor. You’ll most likely want to pull results from “all of the web”, but if you’re targeting a more specific source you can choose a single website or social network.




1. Now you’ll set up your alerts. You can choose to receive alerts daily, weekly, or monthly. If you’d rather not be notified via email you can select “never”.

2. Add an email address you want your alerts sent to and you’re done!

Brand Guardian will now monitor the web and alert you when your keywords or phrases are mentioned!


Exclude the irrelevant.  If you find that your keyword or phrase is often found in a specific context that is irrelevant to you, simply refine your search to exclude certain terms and Brand Guardian will not to show you any pages containing that word or phrase. For example if your bank’s name is “First Bank” but you keep getting results for a different bank called “First Bank of the Midwest” simply exclude the phrase “of the Midwest” from your search.

Find your customers directly by using keywords that they use. For example you might set up a search for “best free checking accounts”.  This may allow you to join the conversation, make suggestions, and get new customers.

Monitor your competition to stay ahead of the game. Take note of what they are saying on social media that is getting engagement.  You may also want to monitor complaints against them. For example you might search for your competitor’s name matched with a negative keyword such as “poor service,”  “doesn’t” or “ripoff” and then offer an alternative!




1. Click the button “View mentions” in your brand guardian dashboard and then choose the search for which you’d like to view mentions

2. To filter the results displayed, click “filter results”. Here you can drill down to view mentions from a specific date range, website, containing a specific term or phrase, or with a particular status.

3. Brand Guardian gives you the ability to mark each mention as “Reviewed”, “positive”, “negative”, “neutral”, “irrelevant”, or “priority”. You can also delete irrelevant mentions.


4. Click the link in the mention to view the source.

5. Click the export button at the top of the results set to export the list as a PDF. Use the check boxes if you only want to export specific mentions in your result set.



Rating the sentiment of each mention will help you to get a clear picture of the overall tone of the conversation around your brand.  You might also mark mentions that need a quick response as “Priority”. Filter your result set by this status and export the list if you are delegating the responsibility of responding to other team members.

Respond to mentions promptly. Clicking the link in the mention will take you to the source or the comment. If you find a tweet, consider viewing the bio of the person to determine the best way to respond.


Now you’re ready to start monitoring your brand!

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