Road Trippin’ With Gremlin Social

Posted by Sara Harris on August 6, 2019

Road Map 

Did you know that more than 90% of customer interactions occur over the phone?

Thanks to the rapid acceleration of technology solutions, talking to clients over the phone or via email or web conference is the new normal. And while it’s made doing business that much more efficient, it’s not necessarily the best way to forge lasting personal connections with your customers.

So when I got the opportunity to visit a handful of Gremlin Social’s customers in person, I jumped on it.


Hitting the Highway

The South is truly an amazing place. Steeped in history (and sweet tea), you couldn’t pick a better route to travel. I left Gremlin Social’s second headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, and meandered through Mississippi — carefully crossing the mighty Mississippi River, which was well over its banks, as I made my way into Louisiana.


Stop 1: Growth 

My first stop was an all-day training and rally for a group of mortgage loan officers in a beautiful area of Louisiana. As we worked through the user training, I could tell this group was fired up about social selling. Two 45-minute breakout sessions gave me the opportunity to not only empower the loan officers to be active on social media, but also assure the compliance department that it can approve all posts before anything is published — all via software automation.

Breakout Session 

The loan officers can submit their own content, and the financial institution can offer preapproved messages via a content library hosted inside of Gremlin Social. It’s perfect for those days when loan officers aren’t feeling creatively inspired. Sounds like a win-win to me.


Stop 2: Reputation

After spending a relaxing night in Louisiana, I met another client who was focused on compliance — specifically recording and archiving. This particular client also works with an outside marketing agency, which ended up hosting our meeting. At Gremlin, we love working with our clients’ partners, and this agency is a particularly valuable partner thanks to its keen understanding of how social media can advance a community agenda and grow the financial institution.


BANKWhen it comes to our engagement with this financial institution, the ability to record and archive all social media interactions in one app as well as monitor the web for mentions of the brand is key. And the fact that the outside marketing firm could also have a customized user login experience and submit content for the bank’s final approval was icing on the cake.


Stop 3: Engagement 

My last stop was a picturesque town with family-owned shops lining a vibrant main street. Honestly, I could’ve explored for hours! Instead, I met with the vice president and marketing manager of one of our client institutions. Their focus was engagement. Here are just a few of the questions they posed:


  • How can our bank utilize social media to become better integrated into the community and customers’ daily lives?
  • How can we maintain that connection as our bank expands into neighboring communities?
  • How can we benchmark this engagement against other banks in our region?


For this particular client, we provide a streamlined path for each branch and each community to tell its story while enabling a consolidated compliance process. Because there’s never a spare minute in the day, this client needs a tool to do the work for it — and Gremlin Social is the perfect solution.


As my road trip came to an end, I realized how lucky we are at Gremlin Social to work with such amazing clients. I made in-person connections that just aren’t possible over the phone. I taught some things and learned some things — and I can’t wait to get back out on the road.


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