Managing a Bank Social Media Team While Social Distancing

Posted by Doug Wilber on April 3, 2020

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If social distancing has your bank's social media team working remote for the first time, these four tips can help you succeed. 

As the world grows accustomed to social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis, social media will become an even more vital part of building and maintaining customer relationships. Social has always been a valuable communication and customer service tool, but as cities are shutting down, customers have never leaned on it quite as heavily as they are now.

They might be visiting banks’ social channels to meet short-term goals — checking new service hours or asking questions about credit card payments — but the more your bank can communicate with and provide assistance to customers during this time, the stronger and more lasting your relationships with them will be.

Social media also gives teams the ability to address more customer service needs than they would be able to over the phone. The interaction is quicker and doesn’t require a team to be in the branch physically, which helps protect customers and employees’ health. 

But many banking teams are facing an unprecedented transition, and many are working remotely for the first time ever. Regulatory standards and the need to safeguard sensitive customer data have limited flexibility and kept banking teams adhering to traditional working arrangements for a long time.

Now, as teams adjust to entirely new working realities, they’ll need the right communication tools and guidance to maintain a high level of service and communication on social media while adhering to safety and compliance regulations. These tips can help you manage your social media team from a distance:

1. Clearly define roles and responsibilities. 
Overcommunicating expectations is key here. Make sure team members know what their jobs entail and what part of the strategy they’re responsible for. This will be especially important as your social media strategy changes during the crisis.

The way you define these roles will vary based on your company’s needs. However, it’s typically helpful to appoint a digital marketing director to lead the team and share the company’s online marketing requests and ideas, a social media strategist to guide day-to-day efforts and measure results, and content contributors to create messaging for social channels.

2. Eliminate bottlenecks where possible.
Check in often with your team as the situation evolves, and use the right technology to communicate financial news and brand updates quickly. Your team might have to adjust strategies multiple times as the crisis evolves, and you’ll need the right social media management technology to avoid email jails and endless spreadsheets.

3. Keep compliance top of mind.
Everyone is moving quickly as news changes, but that isn’t a license to put compliance on the back burner. Social media management software can help you stay compliant — even as you quickly shift strategies — by streamlining approval workflows and keeping everyone in the loop.

4. Be understanding of the new reality.
For an industry steeped in tradition, this time requires especially challenging adjustments. Rely on instant messaging platforms, video conferences, and other digital tools to keep your team motivated and connected. And remember that kids will be home, dogs will bark, and everyone’s fashion has suffered — allow your team some time and grace to adjust.

Everything is new and changing constantly, but at least one thing is for sure: Your customers are on social, and they need your help now more than ever. Don’t let new working arrangements stop your teams from being there to build connections. Give them the tools and guidance they need to be successful.


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