How to Create a College Savings Month Campaign in 4 steps

Posted by Mikki Ware on August 31, 2017


August and September mean back to school for kids, and for some, kids heading off to college. This can mean the beginning of debt for kids and parents who use student loans to offset the cost of tuition. College Data shows that the average cost of tuition for private college is around $33,480 per year. Public colleges for in-state residents runs $9,650, but jumps to $24,930 for out of state residents. PER YEAR.

September is College Savings Month, so now is a good time to post content and hold events that bank customers with soon-to-be-college aged kids will find helpful. Only 4 in 10 parents are saving for their kids’ college education, according to Sallie Mae, so devoting some time to this topic over the next few weeks is a valuable contribution to bank customer satisfaction – and possibly new business.

Here are 4 tips on a College Savings Month campaign for banks:

Start with a content calendar.

Map out the content you will use to promote articles, social media posts, and events for the month. Some topics to cover might include:
  • College savings accounts like a 529 or other savings option
  • Interactive calculators for figuring how much money to save
  • Giveaways or sweepstakes for money toward college savings accounts (don’t be afraid to ask people to share these posts on social!)
  • Educational articles on understanding student loans
  • How to create a savings strategy 

Create, Distribute, Repackage, Repeat

If you’re going to spend the time to write a 750-1000 article, get as much traction out of it as you can! Break a longer article into smaller infochunks, turn data points into infographics, and turn infographics into short videos. Sharing these on social media is a great way to encourage user generated content as well. In other words, helpful content shared by you will inspire your audience to comment and perhaps share their stories on your page. This is the sweet spot for social media!

Consider a little advertising.

Obviously, not all your customers are going to be interested in college savings. Facebook advertising is a cheap way to target specific audiences to see the content you want them to see. There are several types of Facebook ads to choose from, including:
  1. Carousel
  2. Mobile News Feed
  3. Canvas
  4. Page Post Engagement
  5. Page Likes
  6. Offers
  7. Boosted Posts

There are even more options to choose from! Know what your goal is before going to Facebook Ad route, or keep it simple with a boosted post.

Monitor conversations across the web and social media.

Use a tool for searching specific keywords, and filter relevant results. Use these conversations to find out what concerns bank customers have about saving for college, and create content around those topics. Or, reach out on social media to answer specific questions – customer service at its finest!

Finding great content for banks can be challenging, but observances like College Savings Month are tailor made opportunities for banks to shine. Start with a plan, and then start the content creation process. Thirty days is a lot of time to fill, so make sure to repackage and repurpose larger pieces into smaller, “snackable” assets. And don’t forget to use a tool to monitor what’s happening across the web, and respond to customer feedback.

Need more help with content marketing for banks? Watch our webinar with the ABA, Six Steps to Content Marketing for Banks.


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