How Gremlin Social Can Help Loan Officers Focus on Closing More Deals

Posted by Doug Wilber on May 16, 2018

Loan Officers Focus on Closing More Deals

By automating and streamlining their social media marketing practices, LOs can create a steady flow of new leads into their sales funnels while they focus on shortening approval and response times and closing more deals.

Did you know that a startling 58% of deals aren’t lost to competitors, but, instead, get lodged somewhere in the sales pipeline and eventually result in no decision? This kind of indecision tends to happen when borrowers are given too long to reconsider their choice, aren’t continually provided with more information, or decide to await potential market changes before commiting. That means it’s more important than ever that loan officers, like other salespeople, know how to close a deal quickly and effectively.

But of course, doing all your due diligence for your many borrowers takes plenty of time and effort, and expediting the sales process is always easier said than done. So where do LOs find the time to push more of their clients through the end of the funnel? By streamlining their top-of-funnel marketing activities, using social media management and monitoring tools to automate lead generation. Here are just a few of the processes that can be made simpler and more efficient with the use of the right social media management tools.

Add Value at Every Step

Social media represents an opportunity to add value to every step of the customer experience by providing timely and relevant information to your leads and prospects. For example, a strong salesperson will always directly address customer pain points with relevant and interesting content. That requires an initial investment of your time and effort creating content that addresses each point in the sales funnel, loan application and the critical initial steps in the origination process. Once you’ve got your library of content, however, the rest can be made easy with a social automation tool that allows you to schedule that content for posting and maximize its impact across multiple channels.

Make Data-driven Decisions

A loan officer should be worried about building relationships with the right borrowers, not making sense of all the disparate, complicated user data that tells her who those prospects are. A sophisticated social media analytics tool can make it easy to track prospects who are engaging with your content, like Twitter follows and Facebook page engagements, and then re-engage with these high value targets. The more clear the information you get, the faster you can make important marketing decisions, the more time you have to focus on closing loans.

Showcase Successes

Nothing spurs sales like good marketing. Build case studies and testimonials from sales you’ve already closed and use Gremlin Social to continually publish that content, without falling outside of the good graces of your compliance department. This will help to generate a steady flow of new leads while you focus on closing the deals already in your pipeline.

Give Your Sales Skills Time to Shine

Of course, sales is about your own ability to serve the needs of borrowers and demonstrate that you have their best interest at heart. There’s no tool that can totally automate that work for you, but Gremlin Social can make everything else easier and faster. Our advanced analytics, marketing, monitoring, and compliance modules are designed with loan officers in mind. Collect and leverage the right data from your audiences and build effective social marketing strategies to optimize your sales pipeline and close on more deals.


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