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Posted by Doug Wilber on July 12, 2018

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Content curation is the bedrock of many financial institutions’ social media marketing strategies. But are they doing it right?

Don’t think of content curation as just ‘social sharing.’ Retweeting your favorite memes isn’t the definition of “curating content”. A successfully curated content program comprises a series of a cogent, well-reasoned, strategically-directed methodologies carefully mapped to your marketing objectives and designed to affect positive business outcomes.

By contrast, doing it wrong means poor cadences, audience-blind content, inappropriate posts — social that doesn’t get its audience to think what it wants it to think, or do what it wants it to do. But we’re going to spend our time talking about great content curation — and the strategies you can use to build your own successful program.

Yes, you’re sharing other people’s content. But you’re shaping it in such a way so as to build brand equity, acquire valuable business intelligence, generate leads, move them down the funnel, and convert.

Basic Guidelines for Content Curation: The 4-1-1 Rule

One of the most prevalent and successful social media marketing strategies has to do with content mix — the 4-1-1 rule suggests that for every four pieces of new and interesting content you share (housing market trends, local economic data, etc.), you should repost one interesting company update and one personal story.

Notice that “new and interesting content” makes up the bulk of the content mix here — that’s curated content. So for those banks and financial institutions following the 4-1-1 rule, the bulk of what they say about themselves will be through the bullhorn of curated social.

But why should this be the case? Why not simply deliver original content, sell your brand hard, and pack your feeds with calls-to-action?

Make Content Curation A Cornerstone of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your customers don’t care about your ads. If you pack your feeds with sales pitches, they won’t listen — they’ll unfollow, or scroll past you. Your customers will only engage with you if you provide them with engaging content — content that addresses their questions, concerns, desires, and needs.

Content that’s valuable to your customers is content helps them solve problems. And if you’re helping your customers solve their problems, you’re fostering the kinds of relationships that will move the needle on your bottom line.

What’s more, curated content is less resource-intensive than original content. It can help you boost your cadence without requiring that you create a burdensome amount of original content.

And pushing out information from third parties can help you position yourself as a thought leader: it shows that your focus isn’t just on your business, but on the industry in which your business operates, and that you’ve got the kind of authoritative grasp on industry intelligence that customers and prospects are looking for.

Effective Content Curation Tactics

Before you start looking for content to tweet out, you’ll need a strategy. First, know your audience. Develop a customer profile, and use social listening tools to figure out what kinds of questions they’re asking, and what kinds of content they’re engaging with. Map these findings against your own business objectives (what products and services do you offer? What aspects of the business do you want your social to drive?)

Then find the content that lives where your business objectives and your customer insights intersect. It should be on-brand, and help position you as a thought leader, so make sure it comes from a reputable source (think: Wall Street Journal, rather than National Enquirer).

The content your brand curates should be fresh, and relevant to both your business and your audience, and deliver value to your customers — whether that’s entertainment or industry expertise.

Social Media Curation Tools

Expose yourself to the right content. Use Feedly, google alerts, and social monitoring, and subscribe to relevant content newsletters. Some companies choose to partner with a social media strategy provider and content curation expert like Gremlin Social. But even without the services of a professional social media agency, strategy needs to be top of mind. Create a checklist that you run through before every post, and make sure that you’re hitting as many boxes as you can.

Timing is critical: Use a social media management tool to schedule your posts for maximum user engagement. This means knowing your audience, and knowing your content.

Here’s an example of what not to do: Most Real Estate agents tend to post between 10 and 12 in the morning, but most of their audience is on social between 5 and 10 at night. Fix simple timing mistakes like this, and you’ll immediately boost your social ROI.

Finally, optimize, optimize, optimize. Use social media marketing analytics to evaluate which posts are working, and which aren’t — then adjust your program accordingly.

The best way to implement best practices in your content curation program is with one centralized, turnkey platform. And for banks, that platform is Gremlin Social — a social media management software for banks and financial advisors. Gremlin Social Guardian™ is the only social media marketing tool that’s endorsed by the American Bankers Association. And for good reason.

Social media compliance is hard. But Gremlin Social makes it easy. Built with powerful custom social media tools for banks like Keyword / Phrase Filtering, Gremlin prevents non-compliant communications from hitting your feeds and causing you problems. Built-in post archiving keeps banks and financial institutions always at the ready for regulatory audits.

Gremlin’s robust social scheduling tools allow financial marketers to reach their audiences at just the right times. And with integrated organizational & approval workflows, curated social crosses the right team-member's desk at the right time.

With Gremlin Social’s turnkey social media marketing platform for banks, it’s easy to design and implement strategically sound and highly successful content curation programs.

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