Gremlin Social Releases the Only Benchmarking Study for Financial Services

Posted by Doug Wilber on December 4, 2018


How do my social media efforts stack up against the efforts of other financial institutions? Are these efforts translating to business results? Where do I need to focus to improve?

These are just a few of the questions we at Gremlin Social regularly receive from customers as they continue to grow and refine their social media strategies. 

This got us thinking...what if there was a way to quantify the social media efforts collectively being made across the financial services industry - regardless of geography or asset class - and provide a tool for assessing what “good” looks like? Over the past few months Gremlin Social has built that index - the only social media benchmarking tool specifically designed for the financial services industry. And we’re excited to debut the first benchmark report for social media strategies for financial services.

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Welcome to Gremlin Social’s first ever Social Media Benchmarking for Financial Institutions quarterly report. We’ve poked, prodded, analyzed, and digested over 150,000 data points across 200+ financial institutions to create the most definitive resource for bank marketers to gauge the effectiveness of their social media strategy, identify opportunities for improvement, and learn from best practices being employed by their peers. Beyond that, our report will highlight the most current trends within this space and the direction social media is headed into the future. We’ll also point out the social media dos and don’ts, as well as risks that could pay off big (spoiler selling really works!).

And this is just the beginning

This report is just the first of an ongoing quarterly effort to help bank marketers succeed on social media. In the coming months, we’ll continue to expand our base of financial institutions included in the study, develop trends and forecasts, and dig deeper into the metrics that really push the needle for leveraging social media to drive business results.

Please share this report with your co-workers, colleagues, and communities and, as always, send us feedback. We’re available 24/7 at


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Doug Wilber, CEO Gremlin Social

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