Get to Know Gremlin: Joshua ‘Schwartzy’ Schwartz, Head of Customer Growth

Posted by Meghana Hermes on March 26, 2019

At Gremlin Social, we think it’s important for our clients, partners, and other stakeholders to be able to put a face to a name. That’s why we like to do monthly employee spotlights! This month, we sat down with Joshua Schwartz, head of customer growth, to ask him a few questions about his experience at Gremlin.

G2KG Josh Schwartz


What do you do at Gremlin?


I might be biased, but I think I have the coolest role at Gremlin. I get to spend my days working on high-level customer acquisition strategies and building relationships with the people we hope to work with. In the end, it’s all about taking feedback from our current customers, figuring out how we can help them even more, and taking that back to our target audiences. I’m really passionate about helping financial institutions crush social media so they can drive more cost-effective impressions and leads.


How did you come to join the Gremlin Social team?


I’ve known about Gremlin for quite some time, as I’ve spent the past five years working in sales leadership roles in the tech community here in St. Louis (Gremlin’s home base). What drew me in was the opportunity that Gremlin currently has in the market. With the recent acquisitions of VidVerify and Insight CRM, this team is really strong and primed for explosive growth.


What’s your favorite thing about working at Gremlin?


Personally, I’m a sucker for developing talent. Gremlin has such an amazing team, and everyone here is a sponge. I really get a kick out of helping the folks around me succeed and getting everyone fired up about learning.


How would your co-workers describe you?


They’d probably say that I’m a tall, redheaded weirdo. LOL! But I’d also like to think that they know I personally care about them as well as their success at work and in their personal lives.


What’s your favorite memory you’ve made during your time at the company?


In my first few months here, my favorite moments have been spent in the “Black Box” drawing on glass panes and whiteboards. Co-workers from my previous roles will also tell you that I love getting the markers out, talking strategy, and whiteboarding the process.

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