6 Finance Institutions with Great Social Media Presence

Posted by Doug Wilber on April 4, 2018


It might seem hard to build a current and of-the-moment social media presence in an industry like banking, but these six banks prove that your financial institution can get just as many likes and shares on the social web as any other brand.

At Gremlin Social, we know how vital a strong social media presence is to any finance institution’s success — that’s why we want to applaud all the six financial firms that are #KillingIt on social media.

1. First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC)

First Bank Financial Centre was serving customers in Southeast Wisconsin since before Abraham Lincoln was elected, but their marketing efforts are completely in-line with the 21st century. The bank uses its Facebook page to serve as a resource to followers, using original photos and graphics to promote helpful community workshops, fun facts about the bank and its history, charity events, and its own thoughtful, original blog content.

2. First Republic Bank

A major banking service with locations that span both the East and West Coasts, First Republic Bank shares timely and relevant content on multiple channels several times a day, from shareable graphics on Twitter to YouTube testimonials. The company maintains a consistent presence across all social channels, indicating that they know just how important coordination is when it comes to social media marketing for financial institutions.

3. First Farmers Bank & Trust

This bank specializes in helping agricultural entrepreneurs get the loans they need to start or sustain their businesses, but their focus on rural America doesn’t keep them behind the times when it comes to social marketing. The company shares money-saving tips every single Monday on Facebook, and curates helpful content from around the web for its loyal customers, often from local sources to maximize the content’s relevance.

4. Midwest Bankcentre

A community bank based in St. Louis with progressive values, the mission of Midwest BankCentre is to be “a financial companion, a trusted advisor, and a resource for information and services that bring peace of mind and growth in our community.” They follow through on that mission by sponsoring events like Tax Season Shred Events and educational seminars on new financial legislation, which they promote on Facebook and Twitter using custom graphics, curated content, and even live video!

5. Union Bank & Trust Company

Union Bank & Trust is a commercial bank based in Lincoln, NE, that not only offers a robust suite of services to their customers, but a robust slate of content for their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The company’s blog is regularly updated and links to everything from helpful interviews with finance experts, to quick 90-second explainer videos, to in-depth podcasts. This large library of content gives the bank plenty of material to post and refresh on their social channels.

6. Vista Bank

Texas-based Vista Bank prides itself on its community involvement, and it relies on its strong Facebook presence to get the word out about events that it participates in throughout the area. Whether it’s a book drive for local schools or a golf invitational to support cancer research, Vista’s customers makes its presence in the Lubbock area visible through the power of social marketing.

Hope to join the ranks of the best in finance? The first step is reliably automating your social media posting to ensure each post is optimized for the right audiences, on the right platforms, at the right times — and all 100% in compliance with financial regulations. Gremlin Social offers your finance institution the platform it needs to do social media right. 

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