How to Win Social Like First Bank Financial Centre

Posted by Mikki Ware on February 8, 2017


Scenario #1

You’ve gotten the okay from senior management and compliance to move forward with social media for your bank. Facebook pages have been created, teams assembled, and now comes the fateful moment of truth – the first post. Now what?

Scenario #2:

You’ve been on social media for 6 months and the only people liking your page include you, and Bob the part-time teller. Not exactly the engagement you were hoping for.

Scenario #3:

Your Facebook page is alive with engagement in the form of customer complaints and bad reviews. Your compliance department is about to shut down the entire works if you can’t get this under control.

If you missed the webinar “The Bankers Guide to Strategic Social Media,” here’s your chance to find out how First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC), a community bank in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, successfully executes their social media strategy. From content creation to social media compliance software, FBFC has increased traffic to their website and improved customer relationships with social media in just one year.


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