Social Media and Tax Season: How is Your Bank Helping Customers?

Posted by Emily Lange Rodecker on January 26, 2017


Tax season brings with it a feeling of dread for most people. There’s plenty of references in popular culture to reiterate this negative connotation, from George Harrison’s Taxman lyrics to Jerry Seinfeld’s thoughts on the audit process.

When you’re on the banking side of tax season, things are a little different. Instead of fearing the possibility of owing money and putting off organizing paperwork, you may be trying to prove to your customers the positive side of prepping your tax papers. Taking this opportunity to spin the conversation about taxes in a fun, positive way could really set your bank apart from the competition and endear you to your customers.

Social media is a great way to remind your customers about upcoming deadlines, make sure they know how to access the services they might need for filing their taxes, and inject a little humor to keep the whole process lighthearted and enjoyable, rather than stressful. (Try a Google Images search for “tax day comics” and you’ll have plenty of fodder to lighten up your social feeds!)


Ask your customers to share what they’ll be doing with their refunds this year –

a family vacation? Donating to their favorite charity? Squirreling it away in savings? Channel Jerry Seinfeld -- help your customers remember what positive things can come from fulfilling their financial and legal responsibilities.


Using compelling visuals can be a great way to get your customers’ attention –

if your website offers an easy way for your customers to download their tax documents, turn a slideshow into a short video, using bright colors and clear, easy-to-read text.


Some banks, such as Bank of America, have a dedicated FAQ page reserved for answering questions regarding taxes –

like how to download forms via online banking, or how to search for a specific transaction you may be needing for your deductible expenses. This is a great start – but think about how you can use each of those FAQs and turn them into colorful, friendly-worded graphics or short videos. You could even start your foray into Facebook Live or Instagram Stories by recording one of your cheerful team members sharing a how-to with your customers.


Even the IRS uses social media to share the most up-to-date rules and regulations regarding taxes –

from how-to social media videos to dedicated Twitter handles and Facebook pages to help people stay informed, supported, and (hopefully) at ease with the guidelines surrounding your customers’ tax situations. It could be a great resource to share with your audience!

Pro tip: Make sure to run your social media calendar for tax season by your compliance officer to ensure your tips are within financial regulations!


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