INFOGRAPHIC: The Fast Track from Likes to Loans Using Social Media

Posted by Mikki Ware on August 5, 2015


Close one more deal a month – how does that sound? Lenders and loan officers need every tool in their arsenal to grow and nurture their networks in order to drive more qualified leads. In addition to traditional marketing – cold calling, and advertising for example – loan originators need to use social media to build business relationships online.  Though the housing market has improved, stringent post-2007 loan requirements mean less loan-ready applicants and more competition for qualified homebuyers.

Adding social media to your networking strategy showcases your professional abilities, and ensures that when the time comes for consumers to choose, it won’t be a matter of which lender to use, but which loan to select – from you.

In this infographic, we’ll guide you through the most popular social networks for loan officers. We’ll provide tips for setting up your social accounts, and advice on how you can leverage them for prospecting, networking, and nurturing relationships to closed deals.

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Once you've got the hang of your social networks, it's time to take it to the the next level with a social media management tool! GREMLN provides compliance and ROI tracking to help loan originators close more loans with social. Schedule a demo!

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