Loan Officers: Grow Your Network Using Social Media

Posted by Mikki Ware on July 22, 2015


Time is money for loan originators. This is especially true given the state of the housing market.. Two concerns that could derail an increase in loan originations are credit and home prices. According to an article on, getting approved for a home loan is still tougher than before the market crashed in 2007. “Borrowers need higher credit scores, less overall debt, and full documentation of finances.”

What this means for LO’s is a smaller pool of loan-ready clients to choose from, and heavy competition for qualified applicants. Adding social media to your networking strategy showcases your professional abilities, and ensures that when the time comes for consumers to choose, it won’t be a matter of which LO to use, but which loan to select.

To get you started, GREMLN has broken down our white paper, “De-Mystifying Social Media for Mortgage Loan Originators” into a handy slideshare presentation. Refer to it as a guide to getting started on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!

Get the presentation

And, ICYMI, feel free to download the full white paper. In this quick 10-minute read, expect to learn: 

  • Tips for setting up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Best practices for social media content
  • Advice on how to leverage social media for prospecting, networking, and nurturing relationships to closed deals

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