Tweet Your Way to Sales: 5 Easy Ways to Use Twitter

Posted by Mikki Ware on July 9, 2015

tweetsale_blog If you’ve ever dismissed “the Tweeter” as an unnecessary distraction that yields no measurable ROI, consider the following stats from Social Media Today:

Even with the addition of photo sharing, video, and now live streaming with Periscope, Twitter still functions almost exclusively as a communications tool. Still, with 255 million monthly active users, Twitter brings value in its ability to reach far beyond your network of advocates and their friends. Here are our 10 tips for harnessing the power of Twitter for your bank or credit union:

1) Post Early, Post Often

How early and how often is up to you. If you have the staff, the time, and the content, post once an hour. If you’re keeping things lean and don’t have the bandwidth to post that much, find out when your followers are most active, and post during those times (hint: that’s coming up next).

2) Find Out When Your Followers Are Online

There are several tools that analyze your Twitter followers so you know the best times to post. These operate by grabbing a snippet of your Twitter followers and parsing the times of day your followers are most engaged with your content. It’s not a perfect science, since most only analyze a portion of your followers, but if time and manpower prohibit hourly posts, the results provide a decent road map for the times of day your posts will perform best.

3) Judicious Use of Hashtags

Hashtags help organize content on Twitter, and in some cases can get eyes on your content that might not have seen it otherwise. Keep hashtags to 1 or 2 per tweet. Check out Gremln’s infographic on hashtag etiquette for more tips.

4) Automate posts, monitor and respond in real time

If you are posting once an hour, around the clock, it is advisable (and efficient!) to use a social media management tool like Gremln to bulk upload and automate your posts. However, you will want to closely monitor your dashboard for mentions, and be sure to respond in real time. DM’s should be reserved for targeted personal messages. Your goal is to engage and educate…not to spam. Twitter recently removed the 140 character limit on direct messages, so make your messages authentic!

5) Use Photos and video

In addition to photo tagging and sharing, Twitter recently added the ability to live stream video using their new Periscope app. A few perfect use cases for streaming video might include capturing a few minutes of a keynote speaker at your conference or trade show, or even an informal company function to show the human side of your business. Twitter is one of the best ways to start conversations on social media, but be mindful of the potential risks. There have been a number of careers tanked over inappropriate use of those 140 characters. Make sure you review our tips for protecting your company from rogue employees and social media meltdowns.

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