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Posted by Emily Lange Rodecker on March 4, 2015


It seems like Facebook is constantly changing, whether it’s making tiny updates to the privacy settings, or dramatic algorithm adjustments affecting how Pages reach their audiences. Little or big, these changes all add up – and they’ve made Facebook a very different place for companies to promote their businesses. Creative content and savvy customer service that used to help companies connect with their audience members now takes a backseat to paid advertisements.


In 2014, we said goodbye to the Like Gate, and hello to the Buy button.

While the social network wanted to stop pages from acquiring likes that came from incentivized pushes promoted via the “Like” Gate, in July it started testing a new “Buy” button, which would allow people to buy a product directly from an advertisement or page post shown in Facebook.

By November of 2014, however, Facebook announced that it would be adjusting the news feed algorithm to show less promotional posts from Pages, further diminishing the opportunity for organic reach for those types of posts.  After surveying Facebook users and learning that people wanted to see less promotional “spammy” material, and more information from friends and Pages that they care about, Facebook has moved to decrease the weight of Page posts that include pushes to get people to buy a product or install an app, enter a sweepstakes without context, or that reuse material from paid advertisements.

This does not mean that all your Page content will be demoted from timeline prominence; it just means you need to work on truly connecting with your audience and building conversational, informational posts rather than overtly promotional ones. Facebook is continuing to redefine how people can interact with Pages, and they do claim to see a value for users to have Pages present on the social network. Facebook is attempting to be as transparent as possible with information on how Pages can succeed, and offers tips and best practices to help you better understand how to reach your audience.

We won’t sugar coat it for you – if you really want to get certain messaging out to your audience on Facebook, you’ll likely have to do so with paid advertisements or boosted posts through Facebook Business.


Facebook also announced a few updates to its terms and privacy features,

including the introduction of Privacy Basics – a place where users can get simplified information about what’s private and what’s public, and see it in a more visual way. Another Facebook aspect included in the terms updates is info on Facebook Services, like the messenger app and mobile app. If you’re using one of these other services, they may have terms separate from Facebook’s main platform, so be sure to read them carefully.


One of Facebook’s latest announcements is the addition of Place Tips,

which shares friend’s recommendations and useful info based on what’s around you. If you’re using Facebook on your phone and you activate Place Tips and enable geo locating, you’ll be served posts and ads that relate to where you are and how those spots relate to those in your Facebook network – including photos and posts they’ve shared from those locations.


Facebook is regularly tweaking and adjusting things to improve the overall customer experience, while also working to benefit the Pages who spend time and money to reach their audience through the social network. We’re here to help you weed through the noise to find out what’s new, what’s different, and what’s most important! Stay up to date with the latest social media news by following us on Twitter @GREMLN and checking us out on Facebook.


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