Hiring Your Social Media Dream Team, Part 1 – Getting Organized

Posted by Emily Lange Rodecker on January 14, 2015



Have you resolved to improve your social media marketing efforts? If getting a team together that can help you meet your social media goals is part of your game plan, we’ve got some advice for you to heed when staffing your social media squad.


Prioritize Your Goals

Even if you don’t understand the social media landscape, you know that it’s useful for reaching your audience and connecting with your clients. Define what you know is important to you and your company, acknowledge that there are some areas that may be “unknowns” to you, and make a prioritized list of what the team’s objectives should be. Remember: you want your goals to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely).

There are many types of goals; they don’t need to be monetary or acquisition-based. They can relate to conversations, number of followers, number of crowd-sourced images, instances of branded hashtags, number of downloads – the possibilities are seemingly endless!

Almost as important as the goals themselves is careful measurement to track your progress. Gremlin Social offers tools to help you measure your success, including target pages for conversion tracking!

Know what your goals are for your social media team, and know that they will also want to create some goals of their own. While reaching a certain number of likes and interactions may be most important to the social media team, new client conversions and visits to the company website may be of utmost importance to you. Your goals should work in concert, not in competition, with each other. Work together to prioritize what’s most important for the company.


Research Successful Teams

Take a look at companies you admire – do they have social media teams? How are they structured? Who reports to whom? What skills does each position require? Determine who your social media team will report to, whether it’s the marketing department, human resources, legal and compliance, or if responsibilities will be shared amongst multiple departments.We’ll be taking a closer look at different social media team positions, responsibilities, and desirable skills in the second part of our series!

However you decide to structure the reporting duties, make sure there is a clear chain of command. It’s easy for companies to take advantage of their social media teams; social media reaches so many people so quickly, and offers benefits beyond just marketing. Set your team up for success and ensure there’s a high-level staff member advocating for the team.

Depending on the budget and resources you have to allocate to your social media team, you may not be able to hire multiple people to share the myriad responsibilities necessary for a successful social media presence. That doesn’t mean the social media team of your dreams must remain in your imagination! The employees you already know and enjoy working with likely have the skills to help you get started. Look at the job descriptions for other companies’ social media teams and note the qualities they require. You may have some team members who exhibit these already and who may be willing to take on some additional responsibility to help with social media in a grass-roots fashion.


Make Smart Hires

You aren’t an expert in social media. That’s why you’re looking to put together a team to help you accomplish your company’s goals. So why not aim to hire the best? Hire people who challenge you to see social media in a new way, to rethink your marketing strategies, and who are going to push you to new heights.

Look for skills that your current team might not inhabit – are you looking for someone who is technologically savvy in addition to having a marketing background so you can have a hand in improving your mobile and online offerings? Perhaps you need someone with a strong command of language to elevate your company’s voice.


Take Security Precautions

Plan to have some security measures in place before you have your social media team in place to avoid any unwanted situations, as well as a detailed social media policy to instruct your team on approved social media behavior.

Gremlin Social offers a suite of security and team management tools to protect your social media presence – from preventing unwanted keywords from posting to your account, to having a checks-and-balance system in place with multiple team members. You can protect your social media passwords by assigning varying levels of access to your accounts, and set up approval requirements so that posts do not go live until they have been approved by the necessary parties.

This will protect your brand reputation and your staff will rest easy knowing that the proper precautions were taken to avoid careless mistakes. Rather than worrying about accidentally posting from the wrong account, your social media team can focus on confidently connecting with your audience.

A social media policy that outlines what’s allowed – and what’s not – will act as a guide for your social media team, as well as inform other employees on how to behave on social media as it relates to your company. If you’re held to specific industry standards (such as compliance guidelines), be sure you know what your social media team will need to pay attention to. We’ve got some great tips for creating a solid social media policy to help you get started!

By getting organized before you start hiring, you’ll be much more likely to have a successful foray into creating a strong social media team for your company. Not only will your incoming team feel supported, you’ll likely attract a higher quality employee.

Stay tuned for the next post in our series, which will offer more information on the positions you might want to consider for your social media dream team!


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