5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Gain Leads Through Facebook

Posted by Emily Lange Rodecker on December 9, 2014


The next in our 3-part series focuses on Facebook. The social behemoth lends itself to the personal and the professional, making for plenty of opportunities to connect with your network and develop new leads.

Financial advisors offer a unique service that lends itself quite nicely to social media. While there are plenty of regulations to ensure the playing field is kept fair and compliant, social media can help those in the financial services industry reach new and existing clients – simply by getting in the game! Friends, family members, and even those seemingly-random Facebook acquaintances can all be helpful when it comes to gaining new business. Word of mouth is an important part of an advisors’ lead acquisition – and Facebook is a great place for that kind of endorsement to take place!

We’re sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks

Share Insight & Tips

One of the best ways to let people know about you and what you do is to talk about it! If you’ve read an insightful article, or have a great tip (one that is in line with compliance regulations, of course!), share it with your audience. This will not only present you as an informed and helpful advisor, it will remind people of what you do so the next time they need some financial assistance, they’re that much more likely to reach out to you.

Ask…and You Shall Receive!

Facebook is a great place to source information – asking your audience what they are interested in learning more about, or where they are currently focused on their financial journey. Don’t ask for specifics – this is more of a general information gathering opportunity. Friendly topics might include home loans, saving for college tuition, preparing for a baby – those big milestones that require strong financial footing are areas where your friends and family might need some extra insight!

Learn About Your Audience

Pay attention to what your friends and colleagues are posting about  -- they could share updates that shed some light on areas where you might be able to help them! Seeing friends and acquaintances post about house hunting, nearing retirement, new jobs, having kids, or sending kids to college can all mean that they need some financial advice. Who better for the job than someone they already know and trust? It might not be wise to post directly on their feed, but shoot them a private message or an email (if you have their contact info) and let them know you’re willing to help if they need it.

Show Your Personal Side!

A successful business presence on Facebook is all about the give and take – just as you hope to learn a bit more about your audience and potential clients through their status updates and what they share online, they probably want to know a bit more about YOU! Not only that, the personal connections you can make through shared hobbies and interests could be the difference between someone choosing you as his financial planner versus going with someone else. Getting ready to cheer on your college football team this weekend? Did you recently see a movie you absolutely loved? While you may be here for business, Facebook is all about highlighting the whole person!

Facebook Rooms

roomsSimilar to LinkedIn Groups, Facebook’s new Rooms feature allows you to join private chat rooms for your various interests. While you may not be posting specifically about your business, connecting with like-minded individuals who may also need some financial assistance down the road is a great way to build your audience and pinpoint potential leads.

Have you given any of these methods a try? We’d love to hear what’s worked well for you and your team! Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page!


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