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Posted by Mikki Ware on November 7, 2014


Social media moves at the speed of – oops, something new just came out. If you’re having trouble keeping up, here is a list of the most recent updates, apps, and features on your favorite social networks.



Harkening back to the days of privatechat rooms and web communities, Rooms is a new app designed to provide users with a place to talk about common interests, but only with people you have specifically invited to join. A “room” is similar to your Facebook newsfeed with images, troomsext, and videos, with topics picked by the room owner. You can also customize your room by adding a cover photo, changing the color scheme, or the look of your ‘like’ button.

The interesting thing about rooms is that it speaks to the recent ‘real name’ privacy issue that had more than a few people upset, particularly performers who use pseudonyms on their Facebook profiles. Pseudonyms are allowed in rooms, and in fact encouraged: “We want the rooms you create to be freeing…..from unique obsessions and unconventional hobbies, to personal finance and health-related issues – you can celebrate the sides of yourself that you don’t always show to your friends.” The Rooms iPhone app is available for download in the App Store.

Safety Check

In the event of a natural disaster, Facebook now has a tool to let your friends and family know you are safe. If activated, safety check uses your current location to determine proximity to the affected area. If you’re okay, tap the “I’m Safe” button to let people know all is well. You can also check the status of other friends who may be affected by the situation.


Tailored Audiences

Twitter allows you to target your advertising by creating audience profiles relevant to your campaigns. Twitter recently added features to Tailored Audiences, including audience management and list-uploading tools. Additionally, you can grow your Twitter lists using mobile numbers, Twitter usernames or IDs, and even mobile ad IDs. They have also added look-alike-only targeting, which allows users to target only those people with similar profiles to your tailored audiences.  All of the new features are available by going to your audience manager.
tailored audiences



whosviewedWho’s Viewed Your Profile – In addition to seeing who has viewed your profile, LinkedIn has added a component that shows you what activity inspired the additional engagement, whether it was adding a connection or updating your profile.

View Recent Activity – If you are researching prospects or a new employee, and want to view their recent LinkedIn Activity, don’t despair – you still can! The feature has been relocated to a dropdown menu next to the “Send Message” button. As before, you can see what they have shared, posts they have liked, or commented on (unless they have this feature set to private – in which case, you’re out of luck).


vineNow, in addition to front and rear-facing cameras, Vine allows users to import videos from their phones. You can edit together several videos, plus the new camera supports slow motion. Other new features include the ability to duplicate, mute, preview, and undo edits, view your last frame in “ghost mode,” and shoot in low lighting with torch.

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