3 Ways Financial Social Media Is Like Mother's Day

Posted by Mikki Ware on May 12, 2017

Happy Mother's Day
This weekend, we celebrate the women who have given birth and nurtured us our entire lives. But believe it or not, figuring out what will make mom feel special can be tricky business. Doing nothing obviously isn’t an option, but doing the wrong thing is risky as well. You know you have to do something, but where do you start? Social media for the financial services industry is equally perplexing, so here are three ways to mitigate your social media fears.

  1. Doing nothing is risky – Much like you wouldn’t show up to mom’s house empty-handed on Mother’s Day, it is also not wise to show up empty-handed on social media. Create a content strategy so your followers and friends have a steady supply of valuable information.
  2. Doing the wrong thing is risky – If mom doesn’t care for flowers, sending two dozen roses will land you in hot water. Social media for regulated industries can be even more risky, given the reputation and compliance issues. Create a social media policy and make sure you’re up to speed on the latest guidance from the FFIEC, SEC and FINRA.
  3. Doing something is necessary – Bare minimum, mom deserves to hear from you on Mother’s Day, even if it’s just a phone call. Financial services organizations shouldn’t feel compelled to be on all social media, but should definitely be on a choice few like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Gremln!

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