Social Media Gifts For Everyone On Your Holiday Shopping List

Posted by Emily Lange Rodecker on November 28, 2013

Holiday shopping can be stressful. Finding the right unique, thoughtful gift isn’t always easy. Don’t worry; we know of one type of gift that everyone can appreciate: the tongue-in-cheek, slightly tacky, definitely ridiculous social media gag gift. Because let’s face it -- at this point, even Grandma is on Facebook. We've collected a few of our favorite items here, and we have plenty more silly suggestions on our Pinterest board. 

For your Instagram/self(ie)-obsessed cousin:


For your dog

who seems to be a little too popular at the dog park:



For your little brother

who constantly sends you links to hilarious YouTube videos:



For your uncle

who proudly lets you know he’s on Facebook! He’s hip. He’s with it.



For your socially-savvy sister

(who also loves Etsy… and extraneous couch pillows):


For your best friend

who believes that pictures are also worth a thousand hashtags:



For Grandpa

who insists on wearing a fanny pack whenever he visits you in “the city” and has absolutely no idea what this will mean:



And why not a little something for yourself?

A canvas tote featuring Gremln's "Gremly" logo -- perfect for carrying
all your social swag gifts to your next holiday party!


For more social-media inspired gifts,
check out our Pinterest board.

We certainly know how we’ll be spreading the holiday cheer this season.






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