Gremln Customer Spotlight:Bank of Urbana

Posted by Emily Lange Rodecker on September 16, 2013

We love hearing how our customers are taking advantage of all that Gremln has to offer – so much so that we decided to share some of their experiences on our blog! We’re introducing Customer Spotlights where we highlight how social media marketers just like you are using Gremln to help boost their brands.

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At Gremln, we are committed to happy customers. We know our friends in the financial services industry need to stay compliant when engaging with social media, which means keeping everything archived, monitoring posts through keyword moderation, and responsible posting.

In our first installment of Customer Spotlights, we’d like to share how Randell Boggs at Bank of Urbana is taking advantage of Gremln’s compliance features. Bank of Urbana’s social presence is a great mix of informative posts about the Bank’s services, community news, ticket giveaways, and fun photos.



Without further ado – take it away, Randell!


"Bank of Urbana has been active on social media since 2009. We have primarily used our platforms as a tool to organically grow customer loyalty and build relationships. We occasionally will use social media to promote/market our products/services but the majority of our posts are designed to provoke interest and conversation from followers. We also do some giveaways and trivia on our pages. We believe that making our page fun and relaxed provides a great atmosphere for our customers to get to know our personality as a bank on a slightly less formal level. We also believe that by using our page for interesting and fun interaction, we will get more attention and interest on the occasions where we do use it to market a specific product/service.

Bank of Urbana became aware of Gremln through the company’s preferred-vendor status with the Missouri Banker’s Association and began to research some of the features of the product. The Archiving/Compliance features were the primary factor in leading us to sign on with Gremln. 

We were particularly interested in having the ability to archive social media activity and provide customizable reports for Examiners and internal use were the most important features to us as well as being user friendly.

We are just beginning to take advantage of many of the Compliance features offered by Gremln. The feature we most appreciate is the archiving tool. Since we launched our social media program, we have kept paper records of all posts and interactions on our social media sites. We believed early on that it was important to have a record of all of our social media activity both for our use as well as realizing that eventually regulators would begin addressing social media. With the archiving feature, we are able to do this electronically and forego keeping paper records of our activity.

Gremln saves time both from the Compliance perspective (not keeping paper records, etc.) as well as with posting content. The ability to post to multiple social media platforms at one time, as well as built in features such as link shortening and post scheduling, gives us the ability to quickly post content as well as to plan and schedule posts to go out in the future.

We have been very pleased with how hands-on the Gremln team has been in working with us to address any needs or features we have requested. They have reached out to us multiple times to ask for input or recommendations on how they can make the product better. By getting input from the customers that are using the product on a daily basis, they are truly striving to make the product the best it can be and that is a refreshing and effective business approach."


Aww, shucks. We’re blushing! Thanks for sharing your social media experience with us, Randell! Be sure to check Bank of Urbana out on Facebook & Twitter. Here's a taste of Bank of Urbana's social style:

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If your company uses Gremln to manage your social media presence and you’d like to be featured, send us a note at


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