Get Time on Your Side! 7 Ways Gremln Can Save You Time on Social Media

Posted by Emily Lange Rodecker on August 20, 2013

The world of social media is continuously expanding; new social networks pop up regularly and the number of people with Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, and a LinkedIn presence grows by the minute. Needless to say, when it comes to social media - you can easily spend huge amounts of your very precious time feeling lost at sea.


Master of time management Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time lost is never found again.” Franklin was a pro when it came to making the most of his time. He had to be – as a politician, inventor, philosopher, writer (and action figure!), he knew that he only had a certain number of hours in the day. And he had quite a bit he wanted to accomplish. From discovering electricity and inventing bifocals to being a Founding Father of the United States! We like to think Ben would be a big fan of Gremln to manage his social media accounts, if he had them.

With the right tools and a few savvy tricks, you can create a social media experience that caters to your needs, saving you time from searching through the murky social waters.

That’s just what Gremln offers – tools to help businesses and individuals manage their social media presence in an efficient, effective way. Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite time-saving tools:


Scheduled Posts

Companies post messages to their social accounts to promote products and services, share company news, link to blog posts, and ask questions of customers. Even if your company has a dedicated social media manager to control this communication, it can be quite a time commitment. Gremln lets users upload multiple messages at once and schedule them throughout the day (or week, or month… however far forward you’d like to plan!). Whether you want one message to go out one time later that same day, or you want to schedule a message to recur at the same time every month, Gremln allows you to schedule your social media communication. If you’re a Gremln Plus user or higher, you can even schedule your Facebook and Twitter messages to include images and video attachments.

gremlnfavicon Gremln Tip: Check the Gremln Calendar for a visual of how frequently you are communicating with your audience. Spread out your posts to test and discover when your audience is most engaged.

Advanced Searches

Businesses want to stay on top of brand mentions, search for potential clients, monitor customer service issues, and keep an eye on the competition with social media.  But managing this directly from would be next to impossible! Gremln’s Advanced Search feature allows you to look for Tweets or blog posts including certain keywords, phrases, Twitter handles, hashtags, and locations – then pulls the results into a dedicated panel on your dashboard. It will automatically update, helping you ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Social Media Dashboard

Toggling back and forth between Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be a hassle. Gremln allows you to pull all your social networks into one place, where you can organize them in a way that makes the most sense for you. If you want all your posted messages from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in one screen? No problem. Want to separate different pages for each network? Go for it.

RSS Feeds

If your company has a blog, or you find that you are sharing the latest news from a publication on a certain topic, you might want to consider setting these feeds up to post automatically to your account on days and at times that work for you. Gremln’s feed scheduler can help you manage multiple feeds, and even weed out articles or posts that mention keywords you don’t want to share with your network (about your competitor, perhaps?).

Twitter Lists

Scrolling through an unorganized Twitter feed can make you feel a bit… schizophrenic. In the blink of an eye you might scan the following headlines: Top Marketing Tips for YOUR Small Business, Reese Witherspoon’s Red Carpet Look, Cubs Win World Series (a girl can dream, okay?). Your train of thought may quickly bounce from career-related topics to pop culture ephemera. If you would peg yourself as an “easily distracted” individual, you might want to get yourself up to speed on Twitter lists. You can use them to organize all the accounts you follow by topics of your choosing, like “Marketing”, “Celebrity News”, and “Sports”. If you view your lists via, you can only view one list at a time. With Gremln, you can set up a page full of panels containing each of your Twitter lists, so you can easily scan all the accounts you are following for potentially interesting or pertinent information.

If you find a new person you want to follow and add to one of your lists, or perhaps someone is posting a little too frequently and needs to be removed from a list you check regularly, you can add or remove people directly from the Gremln dashboard in just a few clicks.

Team Work

When your company’s social media accounts are managed by a team of people, you may find that you want certain members of that team to respond to posts that need attention. Rather than tracking these people down by phone, or trying to point them to the particular post yourself, you can simply “assign” the message to a teammate. They’ll then get a dedicated email telling them how to find this message in their moderation queue, and they can respond directly to the post in question. Click, click, done.

Compliance Moderation

Businesses held to compliance standards know that social media must be used with caution. But being cautious doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on end monitoring each Tweet and LinkedIn post. Gremln has a special suite of tools for Enterprise customers to help filter and moderate only what you need to in order to keep compliant. Simply organize your team, assign keywords that are off limits or restricted for your team members to use, and designate accounts and levels of access. If any member of your team attempts to send a message that may not meet within compliance regulations, you will immediately be notified and directed to moderate the post. Compliance officers can then approve or deny the message, and voila – you’re done. And all your social media activity is automatically archived by Gremln’s system, which you can export at the push of a button.


Just like our good friend Ben Franklin, we’re meticulous about how we spend our time. At Gremln, we spend ours navigating social media and creating tools to help make social media marketing more manageable so you can feel confident, secure, and in control when it comes to incorporating social media to your business. Gremln offers lots of different plans to meet your social media marketing needs.

The question is, what will you do with all your free time?

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