Becoming a LinkedIn Super User: Part 3

Posted by Emily Lange Rodecker on June 26, 2013

Now that your profiles and networking skills are polished and professional, it’s time to look at the numbers and make sure you are getting the traffic and attention of potential customers and employees you need to take your business to the next level.

In our third and final installment of becoming a LinkedIn "Super User" we look at building traffic to your company page, your website, and your business itself. Get a better understanding of the traffic your LinkedIn company page is currently getting, set up some advertising to drive new and targeted visitors to your website or company page, and take advantage of LinkedIn’s recruiting services to help build your business.



LinkedIn Insights
You’ve spruced up your company page, sure – but how will you know if anyone is actually coming to see your products, services, and updates?

Lucky for you, LinkedIn provides insights to your follower and page activity so you can get a better feel for the activity surrounding your page.

Follower Insights
You can see the total number of LinkedIn members following your page; newest followers gained over the past week; latest updates you’ve posted; total impressions of those page updates; engagement over the past week; follower demographics including the seniority, industry, function, region, company size, and employee status of those LinkedIn members who follow your page; and the profiles of the three most recent followers.

Company Page Insights
Company page insights provide the amount of page views your company page has had over the past 7 days, the number of unique visitors, page clicks, page views, page visitor demographics (including seniority, industry, function, region, company size, and employee status), as well as product and services page clicks.

Targeted Advertising
If you’re hoping to target your products and services to the business-minded, LinkedIn is the perfect network to serve your ads. You can use LinkedIn ads to draw attention to your company’s LinkedIn page or drive potential customers to your website.

  • B2B (business-to-business) targeting filters allow you to fine tune your audience, making it possible for you to reach a particular sect of the LinkedIn community. You can tailor your ad copy specific to various industries, drawing attention to the specific needs your company meets for each sector.
  • Zero in based on geography, position titles and job function, seniority, company size, or industry to make sure your ad gets to the right market.
  • Play around with different formats. Use text, image, and video ads to test which ones perform best with your target audience.
  • Set your own budget and decide if you want to be charged based on clicks or impressions. (You have the ability to stop your ads at any time, regardless of whether or not you’ve met your budget.)
  • To promote your company’s LinkedIn Company Page, you need to be a page administrator. You can create an ad from the Company Page by clicking the dropdown arrow next to “Edit” selecting “Promote this page with LinkedIn Ads” and following the instructions to create the ad.

LinkedIn Recruiting
If you’re serious about bringing top talent to your company, you may wish take advantage of some of LinkedIn’s recruiting features. While these can be extremely helpful in terms of finding the candidates that best fit your job description, they do come with a cost. If the investment makes sense for your company, here are some different options for how LinkedIn can help grow your team:

Post a Job: If you aren’t ready to commit to monthly paid services for recruiting, LinkedIn allows you to post single jobs for 30-day stints.

LinkedIn offers premium services to tailor your recruiting efforts with

  • The matching algorithm suggests relevant candidates based on your activity (as in, the more you use it – the better your search results)
  • Save your searches to keep track of candidates.
  • Customize your update feed to stay on top of your activities and the candidates you're interested in.
  • Track how many people are viewing and applying for each position.
  • Research and engage with potential candidates
  • Find out who is looking at your company profile
  • Search for skill sets you are looking for in your next employee
  • Read endorsements and recommendations for potential employees
  • Get ideas for interview topics by monitoring what your candidates are sharing in their news feed and discussing in groups.

Don't let all the work you put into improving your LinkedIn profile, networking, and joining group discussions go to waste. Make sure you get the traffic, visitors, and employees you want by taking advantage of the features and tools LinkedIn has to offer.

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