Twitter, UnLinked -- How Twitter's recent changes affect LinkedIn users, and how Gremln can help

Posted by Clayton Smith on July 2, 2012

Social Network JugglingIf you have a LinkedIn account, you probably received an email last week explaining that their relationship with Twitter has changed. Until recently, users could connect their LinkedIn accounts to their Twitter accounts and have their tweets posted automatically to their LinkedIn timelines. In other words, if you posted a tweet on Twitter, it automatically posted to LinkedIn as well. But Twitter has altered its sharing strategy a bit, and it’s closed off LinkedIn’s ability to post users’ tweets on its own site.

The move is a good reminder to LinkedIn, and to all of us, that social networks are constantly evolving. Like so many companies, Twitter is exploring new ways to maximize its product potential, and their search for industry nirvana has caused them to change up their third-party sharing settings. As a result, LinkedIn has had to shift its own product a bit, and all LinkedIn users who have relied on the connection between the two networks to post their tweets to their LinkedIn timelines are going to have to shift their habits a bit, too.

LinkedIn made sure to note that it is still possible to post the same message to both networks. According to the company’s email, “Simply start your conversation on LinkedIn. Compose your update, check the box with the Twitter icon, and click ‘Share.’ This will automatically push your update to both your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers just as before.” In other words, rather than your tweets posting to both Twitter and LinkedIn, your LinkedIn updates can post to both LinkedIn and Twitter.

But there’s a problem here. LinkedIn is undeniably a popular network, boasting more than 100 million users…but Twitter is bigger, much bigger, and it’s more popular. Twitter is an "everyday network," and LinkedIn,'s not used quite so often. Now that the Twitter-to-LinkedIn tie has been severed, LinkedIn is hoping that people will start using their LinkedIn timelines like they use Twitter, but unfortunately for LinkedIn, that’s unlikely to happen. Rather than use LinkedIn as their micro-blogging tool of choice, you can bet most users will simply forego the LinkedIn timeline altogether. That’s potentially bad news for LinkedIn, but it’s also bad news for social media users who want to maximize their reach.

But worry not! There’s another solution. And that solution is Gremln.

Gremln allows you to post your social messages to Twitter and LinkedIn (and Facebook, too, if the spirit moves you) at the same time from the same dashboard. Not only does Gremln make it possible to link your tweets to your LinkedIn timeline, but it also makes it extremely easy to send just selected tweets to LinkedIn. Before Twitter changed the way tweet sharing worked, it was all or nothing; you either sent all of your tweets to LinkedIn, or you sent none of them. But Gremln makes it possible to pick and choose which messages you want to send to both networks, and which should just go to Twitter (and which should just go to LinkedIn).

So even though Twitter and LinkedIn might change the way they work, you don't have to. The social media landscape may be constantly shifting, but dealing with those changes is our job. With Gremln’s help, you can continue on with your social stability.

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