The Power of the Survey

Posted by Clayton Smith on July 2, 2012

Okay, quick survey: How many of you hate taking surveys?

If you just rolled your eyes at even the suggestion of taking a survey, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I couldn’t manage to dig up any actual survey data on how many people refuse to take surveys (for obvious reasons), but I know the number’s pretty steep.

I know it because I’ve been on both ends; the giving (“Well, hm. Why aren’t more people taking my customer survey?”) and the receiving (“Oh man. Another customer survey? Oy.”). Surveys take time, and they’re often pretty dry. Taking a survey isn’t nearly as fun as, say, Rickrolling a co-worker.

But surveys are incredibly important for businesses – what better way to find out what your customer wants than by asking? – and if you think about it, they’re pretty flattering for us as consumers. Businesses create surveys in order to pinpoint our thoughts and attitudes about their products or services, presumably so they can better serve us and make us that much happier with our purchases. It’s a great thing to have the opportunity to enhance, or even alter, a company’s approach to the public marketplace just by sharing your thoughts and opinions. Your voice can, in a very real and literal sense, change a company for the better.

And we'd like you to change Gremln for the better.

We invite you to take our pricing and features survey. It may not be as fun as blanketing your neighbor’s cubicle in Post-Its, but its effects will be much more far-reaching and will last much longer. We’d like you to help shape the way we do business here at Gremln.

And, as if the knowledge that you’ve made a difference wasn’t enough, you’ll also be registered to win a brand new Kindle Fire when you complete the survey. And let me tell you. Those things are nice.

Just click here to start the survey! We’ll close it at 5:00pm CST tomorrow (Tuesday, July 3), so make sure you click before then. And thank you, in advance, for making Gremln better!

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