This Week in Social Media - 11.11.11

Posted by Clayton Smith on November 11, 2011

Social Network JugglingHappy 11's! We here at Gremln hope you've had a great week and that you're about to have an even greater weekend. Here are some of the social media news highlights you may have missed this week:

Google+ Adds Business Pages
Google's social network continues its quest to compete with Facebook this week with its own brand of business pages. Now Google+ users can connect with some of their favorite brands on G+, including Gremln! Check out our page here!

The Christmas Code
J.C. Penney's is getting personal this holiday season--they're offering Santa Tags, which are QR codes you can use to record personal voice messages that the recipient will hear when she scans the code on Christmas morning (or three days before, if you're impatient, like me). (via Mashable)

A plus K equals Trouble
Ashton Kutcher has decided to take a break from Twitter after a wayward comment about Penn State coach Joe Paterno enraged the Twitterverse this week. (Sounds like Ashton might need some Gremln advice!) (via L.A. Times)

Facebook Reintroduces "Recent Stories"
Millions voiced frustration over Facebook's recent redesign, which automatically sent "top stories" to the top of the news feed. They've now rectified that situation, giving you the ability to filter by recent stories rather than highlighted stories. (via CNN)


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