This Week in Social Media - 10.28.11

Posted by Clayton Smith on October 28, 2011

Social Network JugglingHappy Friday, everybody! That means we're close to the end of another work week...and it also means it's time for the weekly social media news round-up!

Google+ Gets More Plusses
Google's social networking platform just got a little fancier. This week's upgrades to Google+ include a built-in photo editing tool (with special tweaks added just for Halloween) and "Ripple," which allows you to see the influence of a public post over the network (via Google).

Get Sexy with Newspapers
The Newspaper Association of America has launched a new social media campaign in order to convince social networkers that it's sexy to be smart, and the best way to be sexy-smart is with a newspaper in your hands (via CNN).

Facebook's Fortress of Solitude?
Facebook's next data center will be located about 60 miles from the Arctic Circle. How cool is that (via Mashable)?




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