This Week in Social Media - 10.21.11

Posted by Clayton Smith on October 21, 2011

Social Network JugglingIt's been an exciting week here at Gremln, as we've officially launched our first round of beta test accounts! That's the big news here on our end--here are some more social media highlights you might have missed this week.

(Google) Buzz Off
Google's first real foray into social networking, Google Buzz, was officially laid to rest this week. This may come as little surprise, given Google's much more popular Google+, but it marks an interesting milestone for Google's social networking goals. Bon voyage, Google Buzz. Enjoy your retirement with Google Wave.

Google kills off Buzz, its ill-fated social network

You Drive, Ford Will Text
Ford is introducing a new feature into its vehicles that allows a car to read your text messages so you don't have to. Now that texting while driving is becoming illegal in many states, Ford's new technology could have a profound impact on communicative commuters everywhere.

Ford vehicles will read your text messages while you drive

Occupy Social Media
The "Occupy Wall Street" protests that have been sweeping the nation have also been sweeping the social media space. Mobile networking programs like Twitter and Foursquare have made it relatively easy for would-be protesters to find the nearest rally. And in return, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are using social media to broadcast their message around the world through text, images, and videos.

Occupy Wall Street Pushes Social Media in New Directions



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