The Week in Social Media - 9.30.11

Posted by Clayton Smith on September 30, 2011

Social Network Juggling"The Week in Social Media" is a new Friday series on the Gremln Blog where we highlight some of the important social media news stories from the past week.

Facebook's major redesign announcement last week has caused quite a ripple effect of media coverage, which has carried over into this week and overshadowed much of the more recent social media news. Here are a handful of the stories you might have missed.

Google+ Gets Bigger
Spurred on by the frustration many people felt about Facebook's latest round of design changes, the now-open-to-the-public Google+ made huge gains this week in terms of user numbers. According to "Google+ unofficial statistician" Paul Allen, G+ hit 50 million users faster than any other major social network.

Google+ traffic surges, closes in on MySpace, LinkedIn

G+ hit 50 million users today

Twitter Gets Emotional
Turns out, you are what you tweet! A new study shows that tweets are grumpy in the morning, happier as the day goes on, and a little sadder toward the end of the day, following the general mood cycles of the people using it.

Twitter Study Tracks When We Are :)

Groupon Gets Goods
Here they grow again; Groupon has expanded its product offering to include "gadgets and other goods" with a new program called Groupon Goods.

Groupon adding gadgets with Groupon Goods

Facebook Gets Political
First Facebook announced its own political action committee, FB PAC, which "will allow the social media giant and its employees to hand out cash to candidates in upcoming elections." Then they rolled out 2012 Election Tracker, in partnership with Inside Facebook, which will monitor the popularity of 2012 presidential candidates by way of Facebook mentions and engagement. The next logical step: Mark Zuckerberg for president.

Facebook Launches Own PAC

Announcing the 2012 Inside Facebook Election Tracker



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