Social Media Time! (A Very Special Gremln Survey)

Posted by Clayton Smith on September 22, 2011

When it comes to social media marketing, timing is everything. After all, 2am might not be the best time for Olive Garden to share its lunch specials, but it's probably a great time to market some Lunesta. Your social media strategies are going to be most successful if they're hitting your target audience at the perfect time, and unless you've just installed a flux capacitor in your DeLorean, there's not a whole lot of margin for error.

What if you knew when the biggest portion of your target audience would be focusing its attention on Facebook? What if you could schedule your tweets to go out every day at exactly the right time to reach the most potential customers? What if you could predict the future behavior of your target market?

That kind of knowledge would be an incredibly powerful tool to have in your marketing kit. Here at Gremln, we think we can make it a reality.

We've just launched a short survey about the time people devote to their social media networks. It's the first part of a multi-step research process that will endeavor to determine not only when your customers will be online, but when they are most receptive to your company's social media marketing message.

In order to ensure our survey is accurate, we'd like to ask for your help in spreading the word. The more people who take our Social Media Time survey, the more exact our predictions of your customers' behaviors will be. We encourage you to take the survey yourself, then share it with your family, friends, co-workers, customers, complete strangers, and anyone else with an Internet connection. At the end of the survey you'll find several ways to share it with your social circles, including via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Please pass it along!

As if being able to see the promotional future weren't enough, we'll also give away one month of Gremln's premium social media marketing services to one lucky survey-taker. Use it for your company, or use it for yourself! Whichever feels right.

Just click here to take the survey.

Thank you for your time and support. Check back here from time to time to see the results. We'll be posting the future!

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