Social Media 101: The Tweetup

Posted by Clayton Smith on July 13, 2011

Gremln's “Social Media 101” is a series for social media beginners where we discuss the basics of social media marketing. Today, we define the tweetup.

A tweetup is a social gathering of Twitter users that is organized mainly or exclusively through the social network. The name is a mash-up of “tweet” and “meetup,” or “meet-up.” Tweetups usually focus on a common cause or theme. For this reason, tweetups often serve as networking events whereby attendees meet new people with similar interests.A Tweetup

A tweetup isn’t always restricted to a gathering of Twitter users. Although this was initially the case, over time the word “tweetup” has become ubiquitous across all social media platforms. Today’s tweetups are often composed of people who learned about the event through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, email, etc.

A tweetup can be a useful marketing tool for any company looking to interact with and motivate its customers in an economic fashion. Tweetups are generally cheaper than traditional marketing events, which can require space reservation, staffing, invitations, refreshments, entertainment, cleanup, etc. Tweetups, on the other hand, require relatively little financial investment. Because tweetups are organized via social media, attendees expect a certain level of informality. For this reason, many tweetups take place in restaurants, bars, or galleries where food, entertainment, and staffing become the responsibility of the event space, not the company creating the tweetup. This requires a partnership between the company and the location (for example, a bar might be willing to offer an exclusive party room and a drink discount for a guarantee of at least 50 people), but this relieves the company of many of the responsibilities of hosting an event in its own space.

Bottom Line

The tweetup is an effective and efficient tool for social media marketers looking to both expand and engage with their online audiences.

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