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Posted by Clayton Smith on June 6, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a tool called Twaitter. It was a good tool, strong and well-loved, but over the course of time, Twaitter evolved into an even better, and stronger, and (hopefully) more well-loved tool called Gremln. And while we’re not quite ready to unveil the complete Gremln tool suite just yet—though believe me, your patience will be very well rewarded—we are extremely happy to announce the new Gremln Blog.

See, for those of you have have been using Twaitter to schedule and manage your tweets, you’ve already seen a small glimpse of what Gremln will have to offer. And if you’re brand new to Gremln, welcome aboard! We have quite a few social media tools and tricks up our digital sleeves, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love what Gremln has to offer.

One of the offerings to love is this blog. We’ve designed it to be an educational resource for anyone and everyone interested in social media, whether you choose to use Gremln or not. Here, you’ll find information on not just Gremln and the tools and product offerings we’re creating, but (more importantly) educational info on social media as a whole. We’ll bring you tips and tricks on how to better utilize social media to market your company or yourself. We’ll alert you of major changes in the social media universe. We’ll link you to organizations that are doing some pretty cool things with their social marketing. We’ll give you practical tutorials on how to use different Facebook and Twitter features. In short, we’ll guide you to social media universe domination.

But we’ll need your help! We don’t pretend to know everything about everything. Part of this blog being an educational space means we hope to learn from you as well. We welcome any and all comments on each post we make. Do you agree with us? Disagree? Have some insight to share? Maybe a few examples of why we couldn’t be more wrong? Please share all of your thoughts with us. We hope for this blog to be a conversational space, not a page that just doles out one-way communication.

And if there’s ever a specific topic you’d like us to write on, we welcome all recommendations. We won’t be able to write on every topic, but it’d be great to know what our readers are looking for in terms of social media education.

The complete Gremln tool kit will launch a little bit later this year. In the mean time, feel free to spend your summer checking out our posts, and maybe bookmark us if you’re a fan of a little free advice—the Gremln Blog is officially open for business!



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