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Posted by Gremln on October 30, 2009

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[Update: Recurring Tweets are Back! We have been working with Twitter to get the go-ahead to turn recurring tweets back on. We received confirmation today (12/04/09) and will be turning recurring tweets back on in the coming days. Stay Tuned!]

In recent weeks we have been in contact with Twitter over their rumored decision to recognize "recurring" tweets as SPAM.

While the vast majority of our users use this feature for legitimate business and personal reasons, we have decided to comply with Twitter's request to remove the feature.  This in no way affects the ability to "schedule" tweets with TwAitter.  The scheduling functionality will remain and has been deemed by Twitter to be a legitimate feature.

TwAitter is recognized throughout the industry as an essential tool for businesses, government, and organizations on Twitter.  We've received "Top 5" and "best in class" ratings from several publications and TwAitter's acclaimed Twitter Business Tool Suite will continue to provide the tools you need to get the most for your business on Twitter.

Solutions / Alternatives


Though "recurring" messages are not allowed, TwAitter offers a unique feature that will still be in effect to aid users who often send tweets with "similar" content.  Once a tweet is sent through TwAitter it is permanently stored and able to be "copied" by clicking the "copy" button in the Scheduled Messages page.  This sets up a new tweet with the same text and time as the previous.  It is against Twitter's TAC's to send the same tweet again.  This feature is merely present to give users an easy way to post a tweet that needs to go out at a similar time and that has some text that you wish to reuse.


For those users who wish to find a way around this rule to continue using an application that provides true "recurring" messages, there are no legitimate options.  Twitter has also deemed "spinners" as in violation of their terms and conditions.  This practice of programatically modifying a tweet using predefined lists of alternating words has been expressly forbidden as an option.  TwAitter has never offered this feature, but many users have requested it and we will be unable to add it.  All applications that implement this practice of "spinning" must cease and turn off the feature.   All applications that offer "recurring" tweets must turn off this feature.

As a result, we do not advise our customers that use recurring messages to seek out such a solutions.  Any users found to send duplicate tweets will be candidates for suspension from Twitter and we want to ensure that none of our customers are subjected to this.

Effective Date

As of Wednesday, November 3rd at 12:00 AM, the recurring tweets feature on TwAitter will be turned off permanently.  Any recurring tweets already scheduled for the following week will continue to send until Monday, November 8th at 12:00 AM.  At that time all recurring tweets will be automatically set to "paused" and the software that facilitates the sending of recurring messages will be turned off.

Still your Favorite Twitter Business Tool

TwAitter is a proud member of the Twitter application community and wishes to always adhere to Twitter's terms and conditions.   Our team of developers is hard at work adding new features every day.  The recurring tweets feature was a small part of our growing list of Twitter tools and it goes without saying that TwAitter still remains the place to tweet when Twitter means Business!

We invite you to express your opinions on this change by commenting on this post below.

Ryan Bell

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