New Features Release Soon

Posted by Gremln on September 7, 2009

Our development team has been hard at work completing new features for the Twaitter Twitter Business Platform.

The next release of features will include the following:

  • Groups: Get organized! Group Twitter users into more manageable lists.
  • Multi User Management: This feature is already here, but we're improving upon it. You will now be able to assign access to your account to other Twitter users. No password needed.
  • Brand Monitoring: We are incorporating the Twitter Search platform into Twaitter! Find out what is being said about your company or brand in real-time. Save searches for future review.
  • Message Preview: See what a message will look like before you send it! Is your message recurring? See the next 5 occurrences that your message will be sent.

Look for these features soon and much more are coming.

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